Nowadays, when cost minimization is a priority for many companies, we can offer a one-stop solution, aiming to optimize the investment and consolidate the responsibility.

Starting with the concept, the range of the services we offer allows us to provide turnkey assignments and carry the project through to a ready-to-use building and even more – to managing the property.


Project start-up

Starting a project, we share the enthusiasm of our investors. One of our first tasks is to clarify client’s needs and, if necessary, to support him in finding the most appropriate location for his investment. Making the right choice is important; therefore, our experts take the responsibility to estimate the real potential of the location and to develop a concept for its employment with a long-term profitability guarantee. We commence the task with a project concept design, thorough examination and inspection of the selected sites. After finalizing the site selection and purchasing the land, we carry-out all regulation procedures, land usage change (if needed), layout planning, concordance and issue of all necessary building permissions.


Project management

Proper organization of the processes during project implementation can save money, time and nerves. If you are a foreign investor, this may prove to be the toughest part of your project. Our competence and good knowledge of the local business environment will help ensuring strict and reliable work-schedules, cost planning, optimized processes and high quality. Considering your goals, needs and specific requirements is a must in our work, so you may rely not only on our precise planning, but also on our strict control of the project activities.


Construction management

Planning and executing construction works imply a wide range of additional responsibilities, such as optimization of project solutions; technical planning and supervision of construction processes; costs, quality and work-schedules management and control. After the end of the project, we share the high spirits and satisfaction оf a job well done.

Our company is licensed by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber for building and assembly works on the country’s territory.


Facility Management 

We offer one-stop management services of real estates - owned or in a process of acquisition. We ensure adequate and professional technical maintenance of the estate, we assist in lending it and we balance the relations between tenants and owners.

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